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    Foshan Rongdongsheng Furnace Co., Ltd. integrates workpiece processing and electric furnace production, and can provide customers with free or only cost to develop and test new products.

    If the customer wants to entrust the workpiece to our processing, we are also very happy.

    Develop New Roducts For Customers

    Passed the ISO9001 international standard quality system certification, producing a variety of energy efficient


    Strict management system, professional technology and production personnel, professional production and processing have a complete production process, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry

    Quality Management System Certification Enterprise, Quality Assurance

    16 years of professional furnace technology and equipment


    There are a group of senior electric furnace design engineers and furnaces and electric welding technicians, who can order electric furnaces of various specifications.


    Years of production and sales experience has been recognized and praised by customers in the industry.

    Professional Industrial Furnace Business Model, With Years Of Experience To Provestrength

    Choose The Three Advantages Of Rong Dongsheng's Cooperation

    Customer Praise, Trustworthy

    16 Years Of Professional FurnaceTechnology And Equipment






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    10 Qualification Certificates


    Foshan Rongdong Shenglu Industry Co., Ltd.

    Foshan Rongdongsheng Furnace Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal heat treatment brazing furnace, bright furnace box furnace and other electric furnace equipment, strictly in accordance with ISO9001 standard for product quality management, producing a variety of high efficiency and energy saving.

    The core of the company has accumulated many years of experience in design and manufacturing, drawing on the strengths of others, constantly summarizing and innovating, relying on advanced production equipment and first-class production technicians.

    Foshan TV strategic partner

    Utility model patent certificate

    Utility model patent certificate




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